FumeFX + Krakatoa – Motion Capture

  • Dance sequence
  • Particles movements
  • Environment
  • Dissolving particles
  • Wind driven particles
  • Smokey particles
  • Lighting
  • Camera shots


My concept for this project is to explore the use of particles in the shape of a human body in motion. I intend to investigate the di erent patterns, colours and movements that particles can o er to enhance a human dance sequence.

This dance sequence will be done to a section of a song if time permits a whole song.

Rough Scenes/Shots

The type of shots I will have for my project very much depends on what dance moves the dancer and I create and agree on. I will have a combination of quick subsection extreme close ups of the various particle e ects I will be using at the beginning of the short so the viewer gets a feel for the di erent textures involved. For Strong dance positions or movements I will be using wide shots

in order to t the whole movement into one shot I like the idea of having
a above shot of the dancer if the dace moves permit it. There will be some air bound movements within the sequence through this I want to have very owing particle movements and freeze the motion and have the camera do a 360 view of this frame this is so that the viewer can grasp the magnitude of the particles in all their complexity.

Scene 1 – quick succession particle texture shots – ( 3 – 4 shots )

Scene 2 – Beginning of dance movements slower into to di erent particles – ( 5 – 6 shots )

Scene 3 – Middle of dance sequence faster beats change particle e ect – ( 6 – 7 shots ) Scene 4 – Explosive nish nal particle e ect to a dissolved nish – ( 4 – 5 shots )


I have a range of videos that I am inspired by, each one contains small details that I will develop and put a little bit of me into making this a personal and unique piece. The videos are all none realistic and play with particles in a very fun a playful manner.

The videos are as follows :

The o cal 2016 ACIP sponsor reel by Method Studios
The new Steinlager Tokyo Dry Advert
The “Good Fun” – Fun Up dance mix by Bass Bumpers
The O cial Video for the “Music’s Got Me” La Chord Mix by Bass Bumpers

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