Project Report :

Coming into this project I was a little nervous, I wanted to do better than I did the previous semester. I struggled at first to come up with a concept as I knew what kind of sounds and effects I wanted to work with however couldn’t link these sounds to a concept. I came up with the Doppler effect early on but the reason why I wanted to do this was lost. After talking with my lecturer about various ideas, we came up with the idea to do a collaborative piece with Megan. Randomly we came up with the topic of food specifically the sounds made when eating food. As typically the sounds of food are uncomfortable and usually gross, we wanted to exploit this and create a sound art piece that made the listener feel uncomfortable and disgusted but also allow the listener to find the humorous side to the piece. In order to do this we wanted the listener to be enclosed by the sounds so we decided to create a multi-channel piece.

My focus towards the project was creating the movement in the sounds and how the speakers would interact. I place the sounds in a layout that I thought would work best, to understand the sounds a bit better I played with some sound effects just to see how the final piece would sound in the multi-channel. I wanted to gain the level of sound that the listener would have to think about the kind of sounds they were listening to and not just be able to guess it straight away. We decided we wanted to create a structure to the piece and not just have all the sounds colliding so the piece moves through cooking food to eating and slurping food and drinks to the after sounds of eating a big meal. This structure allowed me to place the sounds in an order and move them how I saw fit within their section.

I intertwined different movements between the speakers for each section. In the first section each speaker adds more sound and full surrounds the listener from the get go. Then moves into a bounce effect throughout the speakers. The sizzling bounce between two speakers while the beep of the microwave bounces between three. The second section has one crunching sound circulate the speakers moving around one speaker after the other. Meanwhile the slurping sound is being bounced around every speaker as if they were throwing a ball. There is also two other munching sound being thrown around the speakers as a subconscious white noise background. The third section is the most playful I feel and we had a lot of fun creating it! We found looping beats within Logic Pro so we decided to create our own sounds to the beat of a specific loop. We picked the best food related sounds that we thought matched the pitch and duration of the looping beats and ordered them accordingly. After a little bit of rhythmic sounds put together I wanted to through the listener off completely by suddenly mixing the same sounds together it a random sound mess. Throwing the order off completely. And then finishing on a humorous and impacting gasp to give the piece closure.

Overall I think Megan and I did what we set out to do and I am really happy with that. I think the piece was received well by listeners at the presentation evening and they understood the irritating and humorous sides to our piece. If I were to do this assignment again I would bump up the ‘annoyance’ factor a little bit more. When trailing sounds at the beginning of laying this piece out I created a few loops of sounds and effects that were disgusting however did not fit in as well with the overall piece. I think I would want to work on how to integrate this sounds a little bit more. However I am pleased with how our piece turn out.


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