Production Schedule (2nd Half of Semester) :

Week 7 – Megan was away for majority of the break so we were unable to work on the piece. With a critique session the first Friday back after the break we got together on the Thursday and created a more constructive piece to get feedback on. We ended up creating 3 minutes of sound so we could utilise the multi speaker set up to our advantage.

Weeks 8/9 – With feedback from Patrick we then tweaked our final composition until we were happy with the effects on the sounds and the layout of the piece and how it could work better on the multi channel system.

Week 10 – We did a few more tests with the multi channel stereo set up in the sound studio. Taking into account levels and manipulation needed to finish our piece

Week 11 – With the final layout of the multi channel sounds system composition completed to how we wanted it Megan then went into the individual sounds and tweaked the effects a little more so it was more refined.


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