Production Schedule (1st Half of Semester) :

Week 1 – brainstorming ideas, further brainstormed an came up with the doppler effect. I choose this as I wanted to push myself in the sound effects area of sound rather than just compositing sounds together.

Week 2 – Research started on different effects and how to create doppler, trouble shooting on how I was going to approach this project and idea as I didn’t know much about effects and how to create them in Logic Pro.

Week 5 – Final idea (final proposal further down) – Came to the conclusion of a collaborative idea with Megan on the sound of food or as were calling in “Meals on Wheels.” We wanted to look into the subconscious sounds that we hear in our everyday life of eating food. Some if not most cases people find these sounds created when eating be annoying or un-easing. Playing with this idea and manipulating the sounds into a hyperreal listening experience of the noise of food. Creating a disturbing art piece for the listener. Hopefully record sounds this week, if not we will find samples off free sound in the mean time to play with and get a rough idea of the type of style and effects we will execute in our final project

Week 6 – sounds downloaded from free sound, placed sounds into logic, played around with the different effects there is to offer and created about a minute of content to present in our critique session on Friday.


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