Inspiration & Outcomes

How do I come up with new ideas?

I begin to think about personal projects that I’ve always wanted to do and how I can work them into the brief that I have been given. Wether it be a project Ive seen online that I’ve thought I want to try that or new ideas that I’ve come up with before but never got around to creating. I then think about how I can extend my learning through the project buy doing something Ive not done before, In each project I like to make sure theres at least one aspect of the project that is new to me and that I have to research and work out how to do.

Where do I draw inspiration from?

As a project progresses its always in the back of my mind so anything during day to day life can spark inspiration or an idea for a new element that I could integrate into the project. Walking down the street a sign post, billboard, cars, buildings, people clothes, actions, movement anything that relates or doesn’t relate to my project that I find interesting I try to find an avenue to work it into my project and if it doesn’t work I store it and try to incorporate the idea into my next project if it works.

How do I evaluate my work in progress? How do I judge whether it is good or bad?

As I am working on a project I constant relate back to my original idea and where the idea stemmed from. Wether the project is moving in the direction I want it to or not. If is see something that relates to my project that is better I will evaluate that piece and see if I can work what I think is good about that piece into my project.

How do I decide when something is finished?

I decide when something is finished when the project looks like or is better than the original idea I had in my mind from the beginning. If it doesn’t look like what I had envisioned then I continue to work on it.

How do I feel when something doesn’t work? What do I do about it?

If something doesn’t work I try to think about what went wrong during the process, wether it was something I did or wether it was uncontrollable aspects such as software or time etc. If it something I did then I look at changing it for my next project, or if its an uncontrollable aspect I look at how I can manage it better or get around it by working in a different manner. If something doesn’t work out how I had invention I try it again until my idea comes out the way I want it to.


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