I would like to explore the different sounds made by objects in everyday life. More specifically objects that I use in my day to day, for example a pen against a chair, my rings against the desk, nails against my laptop. I tend to fidget a lot when in class or thinking and I want to make use of this and record the different sounds and mix them together to make a unique sound piece.

I intend to record the sounds individually using a professional recored from load central. I then intent to either mix the sounds together on a Serato DJ system and then through logic pro or just mix them straight through logic pro.

Similar to last semester I enjoyed using the multi tacks to create a sounds piece so I may explore that avenue when it comes to mixing the sounds together as well.

The timeline I have for this project is

Weeks 4 & 1/2 5 – Record sounds

Weeks 1/2 5 & 6 – Mix a rough edit together in logic pro

Weeks 7, 8, 9 – Properly mix my piece and record any extra sounds I think it needs

Weeks 10 & 11 – Final touches on piece and blog, Feedback Changes,

Week 13 – Submit Blog and Piece

Equipment I Intend to use is Logic Pro X and possibly Sarato DJ System as I have a friend who owns this system so will depend on their availability as well.

To make this project successful I need to research and watch more tutorials on the capabilities of logic pro and understand all the different sound tools to create a flowing and unique mix. If I am able to use the Sarato System I have a friend who understands this system very well so will need to take their audience as to how to use this so that my piece gains that extra bit of pop. I have used the recording equipment from Loan Central before but it was a last year so I might need to brush up on my knowledge around that equipment as well.


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