File Management

How do I organise files? File naming system?

Folder organisation :

AUT – Paper name (Sound) – Assignment name or number – Projects with in assignment – different versions of files 1, 2, 3 etc (e.g. Logic Pro Files of development of piece)

How do I manage software projects?

Link software project to project file in assignment finder folder

All sound files in one folder which links into the Logic Pro file

e.g. Sound folder keeps all random sounds, music etc for assignment

Versions file keeps all Logic Pro versions of my piece

How do I keep notes?

I keep notes in an A5 visual diary perfect for drawings and notes, or in my notes app on my phone

How do I store any physical material I might have?

I have a shelving unit in my parents house, or I keep them on the corner table in my flat for daily usage things.


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